About Our Team

A little bit about us…

EdgeOne Property Services, LLC is a reputable service company known for its cost-effective quality maintenance services. We are a growing company lead by a sophisticated management team with the interest to offer our facility maintenance services to the commercial, industrial, educational, and HOA community sectors.

Our History


EdgeOne was developed after many requests by property managers looking for a reputable company that would be able to service their every need. Instead of having to look for qualified contractors, EdgeOne has provided the one stop shop for facility maintenance.


In our second year of business we have secured work with various national property management companies, hospitality properties, nationally recognized educational programs, retail management companies, and HOA property management companies. We are excited about our growth and strive to continually provide excellent services at a reasonable price.


EdgeOne has continued to grow in the commercial real estate market. We have developed strong relationships with property managers who are in turn referring new business to us. EdgeOne stays committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality workmanship.


In our fourth year of operation we have decided to invest back into our company. We are providing our team with training opportunities and investing in our equipment. We have found it is essential to provide our team with the equipment and training to properly server our clients. It has been a very exciting time for our company as we continue to expand our client base. The growth has incited us to hire new team members who will contribute to our overall success.